Dream come true… Born in a family of artists, Inan Wang grew up with the traditional Chinese art world & ancestral cultural roots. Inan Wang further followed her path with craft arts and painting. With colors as her inspiring nest, shapes make an acute sense in her pictorial research. She obtained her very first diploma at the reputed Beijing Central Academy of Crafts Arts.

Inan Wang further extended her inspiration game-play and techniques while studying at the reputed fashion ESMOD school in Paris. ESMOD and various assignments for fashion magazines helped Inan gently imposing her very unique style in drawings, sketches, and diverse photo-shoots. This did lead Inan to master the “blur-works”, with images turning into a unique combination of subjective and composite elements.

Inan Wang then further refined her creative search with a specific focus towards the art forms of photography & video. Thus, her philosophical approach and her acumen as a photographer were recognized by several galleries, cultural events and museums in Shanghai, Beijing, Brussels and Paris. She noticeably did solo-exhibit in the “Arles in Beijing” sessions.

With self-confidence in her confirmed talent, refined own style and asserted photographic identity, Inan Wang broadened her photographic overlook through Asian, West Indies and European inspiring journeys. France then became Inan Wang’s haven of inspiration for photographic artwork.

Several books complete her reflection on Human & Environment in society. Everlasting interrogations in her pictures do push forward the photo experience to another dimension: photos become words, and can transfigure into poems.

Claude Faivret

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